Divination and Fortune Telling

One thing that fascinates everyone – whether they admit to it or not – is Divination and Fortune Telling.

“My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there – Charles Kettering”

Who wouldn’t like to know what good things the future might bring, what pitfalls to avoid, what the right decision is?

Divination, including psychic readings, is the practice of predicting, either with or without the use of special items or tools, the future.

Methods which use specific tools would be the well known and popular tarot, runes, pendulums, I Ching, crystal ball gazing and so forth.

Predicting the future goes back in time as far as man has been here on Earth.

It has been used for important decisions, for love, for fun, for health – you name it, people have tried all kinds of methods to find an answer!

Why not have a look through our comprehensive list of prediction methods and see if any of them appeal to you.

Tools for Divination

If you’re just getting started in the practice of divination, you may need a few basic items. To learn dowsing with pendulums, check out these items.

If you want to try scrying or crystal ball gazing, you can find a variety of choices here.

For reading tarot cards, you can find nice sets and books here.

Methods of Divination and Fortune Telling

Abocomancy is prediction by interpreting dust or the ashes of the recently deceased to be able to tell future events.
Acutomancy uses sharp objects or needles which are dropped usually in groups of seven and their pattern is interpreted.
Aeromancy is prediction by observing atmospheric phenomena.
Alectromancy foretells from the eating patterns of chickens and roosters.
Aleuromancy is prediction using fortune cookies which have answers to questions that have been rolled into dough and then baked.

A fortune teller’s sign for a Tarot readingtarot-card-sign

Alomancy is fortune telling using salt.
Amniomancy uses a caul.
Anthroposcopy is done by observing facial features.
Apantomancy is making predictions through a chance meeting with a animal such as a black cat or a wren.
Arachnomancy is prediction from the appearance and behaviour of spiders.
Arithmancy is forseeing by numbers (also known as Numerology).
Astragalomancy casting of small bones of sheep.
Astrology uses the planets and stars.
Augury is fortune telling from the behaviour of birds.
Austromancy is foretelling by the pattern and strength of winds.
Axinomancy is prediction by a balanced axe or stone on a white hot axe head.

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Belomancy uses arrows to predict.
Bibliomancy foretells via random passages in books.
Bletonism is prediction by currents of water.
Botanomancy is prediction by plants and herbs.

Capnomancy is foreseeing by smoke.
Cartomancy is fortune telling by using playing cards. Tarot cards would be one example.
Catoptromancy uses a mirror.
Causimomancy is prediction from observing objects that have been placed in a fire.
Cephalomancy is prediction from the head or skull of a donkey or goat.
Ceromancy foretells by using molten wax dropped into water.
Cheiromancy is predicting by looking at a person’s hands.
Cledonomancy is foreseeing by random remarks or events.
Cleidomancy is prediction using a dangling key.
Coscinomancy uses sieve and shears.
Crystallomancy is fortune telling by a crystal.gypsy-fortune-teller

Dactyliomancy is divination by using a ring.
Daphnomancy is fortune telling by the burning of laurel leaves. The louder the sound made by the burning leaves, the better the fortune.
Dowsing is divining the future by using a pendulum, rods or a forked stick.

Entomancy is making predictions from the behaviour and appearance of insects.

Gastromancy is fortune telling from marks on the stomach or from the noises it makes.
Geloscopy is divining based on a person’s laughter.
Genethlialogy is divination by the stars placement at the time of a person’s birth.
Geomancy is divination by observing marks in the earth, sand or dust.
Gyromancy is divination by twirl around until dizzy and falling.

Halomancy uses salt.
Haruspicy is prediction by examining the entrails of animals.
Hepatoscopy is foreseeing by examining the liver of an animal.
Hieromancy is prediction by looking at sacrificed things.
Horoscopy uses of a horoscope.
Hydromancy is foretelling by observing water.

Ichthyomancy is fortune telling by fish and their activity.

Lampadomancy observes the flame of a candle.
Leconomancy is prediction by watching the shape that oil poured on water makes.
Lithomancy is foreseeing by stones.

Margaritomancy is prediction by pearls.
Metagnomy future events seen when in an hypnotic trance.
Metoposcopyis foretelling the character of a person by the lines in their forehead.
Moleosophy the future is told by looking at moles on the body.
Molybdomancy drops molten tin or lead into cold water and observes the shapes it makes.
Myomancy is fortune telling by watching the movements of mice.

Necromancy foresight by communication with the dead.
Numerology is prediction by numbers and names.

Oculamncy is fortune telling by studying a person’s eye.
Oenomancy considers the appearance of wine poured in libation.
Omphalomancy is prediction by reading the shape and size of a belly button.
Oneiromancy tells the future or past by dreams.
Onomancy is fortune telling by the letters of a name.
Onychomancy examines the fingernails to tell the future.
Ophiomancy is prediction by observing the behaviour of snakes.
Ornithomancy is foretelling by the flight of birds.

Palmistry reads the lines and aspects of the hand.
Pegomancy is prediction by watching the patterns, noises and shapes that fountains make with water.
Pessomancy is fortune telling by pebbles.
Phrenology predictions mad by the bumps on the head.
Phyllorhodomancy uses the patterns and colours of rose petals.
Physiognomy prediction by the shape, size, colour etc… of the face.
Podomancy is fortune telling using the marks, colour and shape of feet.
Psychometry is divination by handling an object.
Pyromancy is fortune telling by looking into a fire.

Rhabdomancy is divination by a wand or divining rod.
Runes is divination using an ancient alphabet used by the Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian and Germanic people by means of stones, gemstones or wood.

Scapulomancy is foresight by the patterns on the burnt shoulder blades of animals.
Scatoscopy is prediction by the examination of excrement.
Sciomancy observes shadows or ghosts to tell the future.
Scrying is prediction by looking into a crystal ball.
Sideromancy watches the movement of straws placed on a red hot iron.
Spodomancy foresight by looking at ashes.
Stichomancy is prediction by random passages in books, also known as Bibliomancy.

Tasseography tells the future from reading the tea leaves left in the bottom of a tea cup.
Tephromancy uses ashes from sacrifices.
Theomancy foresight by using oracles.

Uromancy observes the colour and appearance of urine.

Xylomancy uses sticks to predict the future.

Zoomancy is divination by observing the behaviour and appearance of animals.

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