Healing with Bach Flower Remedies

We have found that healing with Bach Flower Remedies is one of the most powerful, subtle and speedy ways to correct both physical and emotional imbalances.

“The Art of Healing comes from nature…”

There are 38 separate Bach Flower Remedies which were discovered by Dr. Edward Bach.

 Being extremely sensitive, Dr. Bach would suffer from a severe mental and physical ailment and then proceed to wander the local fields around his home until he found the flower that restored his mental health.

Within a few hours, his physical complaint would also be healed.

Dr. Bach’s belief was that all physical illnesses were not of a physical origin but rather stemmed from the patient’s state of mind. His principle for the Bach Flower Remedies was ‘Treat the patient and not his disease’.

Picture of Clematis

Picture of Clematis

Healing with Bach Flower Remedies makes use of the energetic essence of the particular plants and flowers and this is extracted in a unique way to make up the Remedies. The physical material of the plant is not used at all.

You cannot overdose with Bach Flower Remedies and there is no harm done by picking the ‘incorrect’ remedy for a condition.

The 38 Bach Flower Remedies

The Bach Flower Remedies are grouped under seven headings, making it easy to go straight to the remedy or remedies required.

  • For Fear: Rock rose, Mimulus, Cherry Plum, Aspen, Red Chestnut
  • For Uncertainty: Cerato, Scleranthus, Gentian, Gorse, Hornbeam, Wild Oat
  • For Insufficient Interest in the Present: Clematis, Honeysuckle, Wild rose, Olive, White chestnut, Mustard, Chestnut Bud
  • For Loneliness: Water Violet, Impatiens, Heather
  • For Oversensitivity: Agrimony, Centaury, Walnut, Holly
  • For Despondency or Despair: Larch, Pine, Elm, Sweet Chestnut, Star of Bethlehem, Willow, Oak, Crab Apple
  • For Overcare of the Welfare of Others: Chicory, Vervain, Vine, Beech, Rock Water

Let’s take a look at each Bach Flower Remedy:

Agrimony Person who seems eternally cheerful, smiling and happy, only to be hiding anxious, worrying thoughts behind this façade. Does things just to ‘keep the peace’. Always looking for excitement, activity and chit-chat, so they don’t have to look within. Might take drugs or alcohol to forget cares.

Aspen Prone to panic attacks, always feeling like something dreadful is about to happen, but not sure what. Imagination runs wild, nightmares, not living in the real world. Death, the occult and the paranormal hold a morbid fascination for this individual. Can suffer from excessive sweating, headaches and chronic tiredness.

Beech This person is extremely critical of others without putting themselves in the other’s shoes. Intolerant, arrogant, and always sees the negative in a situation. Very tense and uptight. Can be overly judgemental and mean.

Centaury Weak-willed personality, unable to stand up for themselves. Becomes over-tired very easily, looking pale and exhausted. Often plays the martyr role, being subservient and willing to do anything to avoid disputes. Shoulder and back problems are common, due to tension being held in these areas.

Cerato This personality is constantly asking others for advice, not trusting his own inner voice and intuition. Very gullible, uncertain and easily swayed. Tends to chatter too much, becoming an irritation to most people in social situations.

Cherry Plum This person feels absolutely desperate, as if they are about to lose their mind or have a nervous breakdown. Intense temper tantrums and rages; fear that one might ‘lose control’, suicidal thoughts. Acute anxiety.

Chestnut Bud Seems to make the same mistakes over and over again, not learning from past experiences and preferring to move on to the next idea, not wanting to think about the past. Tends to have bouts of illness, corresponding with situations that wished to be avoided.

Chicory Extremely domineering, critical and interfering, quite spoiled, loves to have lots of friends and family around, all the time. Can become ‘ill’ in order to illicit sympathy and attention.

Clematis The eternal daydreamer, look like they’re listening but in fact are in another world. Creative, over-imaginative, sleepy and prone to feeling faint, dizzy or ungrounded. Prefers an imaginary, better world than the real one. Inclined to clumsiness and stumbling.

Crab Apple The perfect remedy for those with skin complaints, or for anyone feeling ‘ugly’ or unattractive in any way. Frequently berating oneself for doing the wrong thing, or thinking ‘bad’ thoughts. Obsessed with cleanliness and tidiness to the point that it rules one’s life. Tends to avoid physical contact

Elm This person feels totally over-burdened by life and is overly anxious they won’t be able to achieve all that they want. Can feel exhausted by taking on too much work and responsibility; finds it hard to ask others to help.

Gentian Feeling very depressed and knows why. Easily discouraged and pessimistic. Wonders what is the point, when it’s all going to go wrong anyway? Lacking confidence and full of doubt. Melancholic and sad.

Gorse Can have a chronic illness or was ill many years ago and has never ‘recovered’. Prone to looking pale and exhausted, with dark rings under the eyes. Feels that all hope is gone. Overcome with disappointment and resignation.

Heather This person is totally self-absorbed, will tell all and sundry about their situation, the typical hypochondriac. Needs an audience but is a poor listener. Fearful of being left on their own. Can easily exhaust and drain others in their company.

Holly The Bach Flower Remedy to have on hand for anger and frustration. This personality feels sour, hard done by, jealous and hard-hearted. Feels unhappy, restless, suspicious and discontented, without knowing exactly why. Constantly complaining.



Honeysuckle The key flower remedy for grief, nostalgia and/or homesickness.

This person wistfully thinks of ‘better times’ and possibly feels unable to get over the loss of a loved one. Has regrets over missed opportunities or situations that might have gone a better way.

Hornbeam Feels heavy, exhausted and depressed at the thought of the long, dreary week ahead. Is more tired getting up in the morning than going to bed. Something unexpected and pleasant happening will clear this person’s head and fill them with renewed energy and vigour. Excellent for all convalescents.

Impatiens Excellent remedy to take for irritations of all kind. Hurry, hurry, hurry! Everyone else is just too slow! Curt, clipped and energetic. Irritable, critical and impulsive. Can suffer symptoms such as indigestion and hot flushes due to nervous tension.

Larch Expects to fail and knows everyone else will do much better than them. No self-confidence or self-belief, feels useless and inferior. Can become ‘ill’ in order to avoid doing something. Will not attempt anything new or different in case they can’t do it. Depression and impotence can be a symptom of imbalance.

Mimulus For fears that are known. This is the first remedy to take for anyone suffering from a phobia. Quite shy and sensitive, life can feel excessively harsh and difficult for this person. Dislikes crowds, finding them physically and mentally draining. Symptoms can include blushing, stammering and hyperventilating.

Mustard For the sudden depression that comes on without warning and without known cause. This person can’t make sense of how they feel and this frustrates them. They try hard to hide this feeling of utter gloom from others, but with little success. This remedy has the ability to lift this feeling within minutes, leaving one wondering ‘What was that all about?’

Oak This personality can suffer from chronic exhaustion, due to overwork and lack of self-care. Will struggle on, taking on extra responsibilities and jobs, never complaining and never giving up. Tries not too show how depressed and tired they are. Unending perseverance is an admirable trait.

Olive Total exhaustion of the mental, spiritual and physical bodies. Everything feels heavy and a huge effort. Needs much sleep and rest and still isn’t refreshed. Incapable of ‘going on’. Excellent to take after a long illness or when feeling completely rundown.

Pine This person often feels guilty, unworthy and completely inferior to others. Tends to apologise frequently, for nothing in particular; it’s part of their regular conversation. Expects perfection from oneself, but feel they will never reach such high standards.

Red Chesnut This personality is overly anxious about the welfare of those they hold dear; constantly worrying and imagining all sorts of terrible outcomes. This causes daily suffering and negativity.

Rock Rose The remedy for sudden onset fear, panic, terror or anxiety. This is usually a temporary situation, brought on by bad news, a ‘near miss’ or nightmares. Can suffer from feeling icy cold with trembling. Nerves feel raw.

Rock Water This person is a total perfectionist; they expect only the very best from themselves, maintaining a high level of self discipline and restraint. Life holds little happiness for them, being so preoccupied with their self imposed rules and regulations. Can be fanatical.

Scleranthus The best remedy for indecision and unpredictable, alternating moods. Jumps from one topic to another, dithering, preoccupied and can be prone to nervous problems. May suffer from travel sickness and problems with equilibrium.

Star of Bethlehem The main remedy for shock, overwhelming sorrow and sadness. When nothing else is working, this remedy can shift the energetic block, so effecting a complete recovery Excellent following an accident, delayed shock, birth or any other traumatic situation.

Sweet Chestnut Emergency state of mind; utter despair, anguish and hopelessness, a total ‘dark night of the soul’, when it seems the night will never end. Worried that one will not be able to cope, will somehow breakdown.

Vervain Overly intense and enthusiastic, can come across as overbearing and bullying. Moves quickly, thinks fast and can suffer from nervous burn-out. Unable to relax and full of tension.

Vine Inflexible, tyrannical and domineering. Makes a good leader, but can become greedy for power and authority. This person is absolutely sure they are right; no need to discuss the matter any further. Can suffer from extreme tension, high blood pressure and back problems.

Walnut This remedy is related to the big changes in life; birth, death, marriage, divorce, menopause, retirement etc…Thoughts about life and what one expects must be reconsidered and adjusted if necessary. This person can feel unnerved and unbalanced by events. This remedy can help with a smooth transition.

Water Violet Because this personality feels so special and superior, they can feel very alone in the world. Likes to be left on their own and prefers to handle personal problems without help. Home is seen as a total sanctuary. Contact with others is kept to a minimum.

White Chestnut This person can’t stop worrying with unwanted thoughts crowding into his head constantly. Feels exhausted and depleted during the day with lack of sleep. May suffer from headaches, insomnia and eye strain.

Wild Oat Lacks direction in life and feels that everyone else has ‘it’ figured out. This person feels they don’t fit in anywhere. They may try many professions and many ideas, none feeling ‘right’ for them. Boredom, frustration and mild irritation are hallmarks of this imbalance.

Wild Rose Feels totally unmotivated, flat and apathetic. Accepts unhappiness, ill-health and whatever else is depressing them. Always feels tired and unable to ‘make an effort’. Monotonous, lifeless tone of voice.

Willow Feeling bitter, moody and spiteful. The classic ‘damp squid’ or ‘party pooper’! Prone to giving up the pleasures and joys of life, becoming ever more miserable and resentful. Might be feeling better, but will never admit it.

Also, Rescue Remedy Not one of the 38 remedies, but an important mix of Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Impatiens, Cherry Plum and Clematis. Essential to have around the home or to carry with you. This Bach Flower Remedy is called for in any emergency situation, or for an upcoming stressful event, bad news, extreme stress and so forth.

How to use the Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies are supplied in glass bottles in concentrated form and can be purchased from most health food shops and some chemists. The recommended dosage is four drops from a stock bottle in a little water, preferably taken four times daily on an empty stomach. More than one Bach Flower Remedy can be taken at the same time, but it’s recommended that no more than six be taken at one time. If taking more than one Remedy, only two drops per Remedy.

Children, babies and animals can all be safely and successfully treated, with the dosage amounts being the same as for adults.

Bach Flower Remedies can also be added to the bath, with five drops being recommended. We also find that a little mister or atomizer can have Remedies added to it. We use this for cleansing and energizing rooms after doing a spirit clearing. It’s also useful for misting a room after an illness, argument or any other negative or unpleasant situation.

Reactions can happen within minutes or can take much longer, depending on how long the person has had the imbalance, how severe it is etc…

Healing with Bach Flower Remedies is a wonderful, holistic way to effect healing, on all levels. We can’t recommend them enough!

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