In The Company of Angels – Who are they?

In the Company of Angels – Archangels, Guardian Angels, Angels – there are different types of these divine helpers and they are here to help you.

“Angels have no philosophy but love…”

We are always in the company of Angels! There are so many different aspects of life they can help you with – there is angelic help to suit each one. It doesn’t matter if your problem is big or small – angels are present to assist you in every aspect of your life.

They don’t care what religion you are or what beliefs you hold, or even if you don’t believe in angels at all!

How to Live In the Company of Angels

Everyone has a guardian angel who stays with them throughout their life and has been with them for previous lives also. It is important to ask the angels for help and not assume that it will be forthcoming regardless.

Spiritual law and a person’s free will dictates that these amazing divine beings cannot assist unless they are asked. An exception is where a person’s life is about to end before it was supposed to. Then the Angels will step in and avert disaster, so restoring the natural order.
If we’re in the company of angels, we may as well talk to them, don’t you think? It is easier for our angels to help us if we are calm and centered – not always possible when you need help!

Of course being in the company of Angels means they can still help if we are upset or angry, it just goes more smoothly if we take a deep breath and talk to them calmly. You can ask for help with the smallest things – such as finding the perfect car parking space – to the bigger ones, such as healing.

Angel wings

Usually I direct requests like this to the angel involved – I ask the car parking space angel for help and I always get a space! It mightn’t be the space I thought I wanted, but it’s the perfect one for me at the time. You can ask other people’s angels to help them, if they seem so upset or unwell they are unable to ask themselves. If the request is not in their highest interest, their Angels will find another way to help them.

Different types of Angels

While in the company of Angels, apart from conversing with your own guardian angels, or those connected to specific situations, you can also make contact with the Archangel (or higher being) associated with your problem.

Let’s first take a look at the hierarchy of angels – who’s who and what they do! This list was first drawn up by Dionysius the Areopagite around about 500 A.D.

Seraphim – The highest order of Angels that surround the throne of the Creator, the Source, God. They have perfect and total understanding of the Creator. They represent complete love, peace, contemplation and perennial love. We as humans very rarely see or experience the seraphim, but they can change their subtle energy in order to communicate with us.

Cherubim – Second in rank. Known as the guardians of the light and stars and also as the Divine record keepers. They stand guard over the Akashic Records. When we are looking for deep and far-reaching spiritual knowledge, the Cherubims will step in. They assist with the most important jobs on Earth, such as the Annunciation of Christ, which was carried out by Cherubim.

Thrones – They are also known as the Ophanim. They represent complete wisdom. The Throne’s characteristics are peace and obedience. They act to bring God’s wishes and wisdom to other angels in the hierarchy and humans. Thrones also look after the planets in the Universe.

Dominions – Also known as dominations, kuriotetes, hashmallim and lords. They take their orders from the Cherubim and Seraphim and oversee the angelic beings below them. They are very rarely seen by us humans, preferring to quietly insure that the cosmos and existence, as we know it, is in perfect order.

Virtues – Also known as Malakim. Divine beings who grant courage and strength to those who bring spiritual light to the earth. They perform the tasks issued by the Dominations. The Virtue’s two main jobs are to maintain all element of the natural world, and to grant blessings and miracles upon the material world. At this present time they are sending massive rays of light to Earth to help with the changes taking place at this special time.

Powers – They stand guard between Heaven and Earth – one of the most critical jobs. Powers are on constant patrol watching the forces of darkness, both on the earth and spiritual realms. They also make sure that souls which leave the physical plane reach heaven safely.

Principalities – They guide and protect religion, cities, towns, politics and watch over the actions and karma of human beings. They are also assigned with the task of organizing and managing the duties of the angels.

Archangels – Archangels are in charge of heaven’s armies and are the facilitators of communication between humankind and God. Archangels are the supervisors of guardian angels and they are in charge of waking all humankind to the wisdom and light of God, the Source, the Creator.

Angels – These Divine beings are the closest to the material world. Angels act as holy messengers between us and God. They take our prayers and requests to God and return with the answers. Angels protect, guard and look after us in any way they can. They are the Divine being most likely to appear to us.

The Seven Archangels

The seven angels that stood before God in Revelations are considered to be the Archangels. However, there are many more archangels, and according to noted author Diana Cooper, there are millions of them throughout the Universes within the Company of Angels.

Michael – which means ‘Who is like God’. The Archangel of Courage, Strength and Protection. One of the most powerful Archangels to call on for protection and courage – immediate results! Michael uses his blue flaming sword to cut loose any ties or cords that are not for the highest good.
Chakra: Throat
Day: Tuesday
Retreat: In the etheric realm over Banff and Lake Louise in Canada.

Jophiel – which means ‘Beauty of God’. The Archangel of Illumination, helps students and academics and also assists with environmental concerns.
Chakra: Crown
Day: Sunday
Retreat: In the etheric realm just south of the Great Wall of China.

Chamuel – which means ‘He who sees God’. The Archangel of Love, helps with all matters of the heart, creativity, philosophers and healers.
Chakra: Heart
Day: Monday
Retreat: In the etheric realm over St. Louis, Missouri.

Gabriel – which means ‘God is my strength’. The Archangel of Harmony, Beauty and art, helps with life purpose, happiness and guidance.
Chakra: Base of the spine
Day: Friday
Retreat: In the etheric realm over Mt. Shasta, California.

Raphael – which means ‘God has healed’. The Archangel of Healing, helps with all healing, travellers, intuition and abundance. One of the most fun and charming of the Archangels!
Chakra: The Third Eye
Day: Wednesday
Retreat: In the etheric realm over Fatima, Portugal.

Uriel – which means ‘Fire of God’. The Archangel of Ministration, helps with devotion, peace and releasing of fears.
Chakra: The Solar Plexus
Day: Thursday
Retreat: In the etheric realm over the Tantra Mountains, Poland.

Zadkiel – which means ‘Righteousness of God’. The Archangel of Mercy or Freedom, helps with releasing negativity, forgiveness and spirituality.
Chakra: Seat of the Soul
Day: Saturday
Retreat: In the etheric realm over Cuba.

You can communicate with these Archangels at any time of course.

If you pick the day that is relevant to the Archangel, the communication will be that much stronger and clearer. You can also request to visit their etheric retreats during meditation or sleep, to absorb some of their celestial energy and exchange information.

All members of the Company of Angels are eager and happy to help us on our journey through life. All you have to do is ask.

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