The Fairy Kingdom

fairy wingsThis is a picture of the Fairy Kingdom. Faeries, the fae, elementals – so many different names for our fairy friends!

 “Hand in hand, with fairy grace, Will we sing, and bless this place.”
I want to share with you a picture of the Fairy Kingdom, that is, some of the Fairies and Elementals in this very special, mystical world – at least the ones we know about!

These wonderful beings are in abundance in our everyday lives, but we usually take no notice of them, or worse yet, we ignore them!

With our busy and technological lives, this aspect of living in harmony with nature and the wonderful beings that inhabit it, is rapidly fading away.

Now is the time to reconnect, communicate with and appreciate our fairy friends.

Picture of fairy Deva of the fairy kingdomTypes of Fairies and Elementals

The four elements are fire, earth, air and water, and the members of the Fairy Kingdom belong to one of these elements. This is why they are also commonly known as Elementals.


Salamanders Fires, explosions, lightening, solar energy, candlelight – anything to do with fire and heat is within the Salamander’s jurisdiction. They are very dynamic, explosive and difficult to comprehend. They can help humans with healing, creativity, courage and transformation. Salamanders can also arouse passion and warmth, which in turn enriches our daily lives.

The King of the Salamanders is a magnificent being called Djinn.

The Archangel associated with the Fire Element is Michael. The Zodiac signs belonging to the Fire Element are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.


Gnomes Gnomes create and maintain all earth-related substances; crystals, stones, plants, flowers, trees etc… There are no female Gnomes. They are reclusive, master magicians and help humans to maintain a healthy, balanced physical body. Gnomes can assist us by providing lucky breaks or opportunities, helping us to develop our innate magical abilities and renewing a deep respect for the Earth and all her natural resources.

The King of the Gnomes is the delightfully mischievous Ghob.

I would imagine that the fearsome Irish Pooka would fall into this category.

The Archangel associated with the Earth Element is Auriel. The Earth Zodiac signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.


Sylphs From whispering breezes to mighty gales – this is the realm of the Sylphs. Thought processes, creativity and education are just some of the areas that these beings can help us with. They work closely with the angelic realm and particularly love children. Sylphs can also assist us to tap into the available universal wisdom and healing abilities. Of the entire Fairy Kingdom, these beautiful beings most resemble our popular vision of a fairy; ethereal, twinkling and delicate.

The King of the Sylphs is the eloquent Paralda.

The Archangel associated with the Air Element is Raphael. The Zodiac signs of the Air element are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.


Undines The Undine’s domain is all forms of water – from rain to oceans, from tears to fountains. They can help us connect to our dreams, deepest hopes and fears. Undines have strong intuitive, clairvoyant and magical abilities and, if so inclined, can grant these powers to humans. Mermaids and mermen, water nymphs and water sprites all belong to the Water Elemental group. They often communicate with us during our dreamtime.

The King of the Undines is the eternally wise Niksa.

The Archangel associated with the Water Element is Gabriel. The Zodiac signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces fall under the Water element.

How can you interact with the Fairy Kingdom?

Respect, kindness and generosity would be the words that spring to mind when trying to communicate with the Fairy Kingdom.

All members of the Fairy realm are suspicious and wary of humans. They long to help and interact with us, but because of the damage being done to their environment and the Earth in general, they are afraid.

Here are some of my top tips for communicating and befriending Fairies in your local environment. I’m sharing them with you because they work!

  • Be kind, generous and joyful in all that you do – even the most boring and mundane daily chores. Fairies are always watching humans and will feel more like helping and even appearing to you if your behaviour is exemplary.
  • Spend time outside in nature, in quiet meditation. There are particular times of the day – midnight, noon, dawn and dusk – when the veil between our worlds is at it’s most transparent. This is the easiest time to open up communication.
  • They absolutely adore honey and little treats! If you have a garden with shrubs or trees, a little trickle of honey down the barks of these is much appreciated by them. I know from experience that the Fairy Kingdom have celebrations in particular on the night of the full moon and a little piece of cake and honey on a saucer is always gone the next morning!
  • Cultivate plants, flowers and trees in your environment. If you don’t have a garden – no problem. Just keep fresh flowers and healthy plants around your home. There will be elementals attached to all of these and they will bring positive energy and happiness to your surroundings.
  • Respect fairy space. That is, fairy mounds or fairy circles (please walk around, not through them), lone trees or shrubs which are not cultivated and stand out on their own (do not cut down or mutilate) and wild areas of nature – always ask their permission before weeding, clearing or cutting down growth.
  • Do your bit for the environment. Recyle, use organic, natural products when possible, and do not mistreat the world around us.
  • James, a visitor to Moonslipper, emailed us with the following excellent advice:
    I wanted to let you know that another way for you to communicate with the fairies is to make your home or place balance with Feng Shui, which is an ancient heavenly and fairy way of balancing your environment. Many fairies will pay you a visit because your home or place will be an energized haven and stop place for the fairies. Here are some tips: 1) Bury 4 crystal globes at each corner of your home outside. 2) placing these elements or colors in these directions will start drawing their attention to your home: N: Black/Blue-Water; E: Green-Wood; S: Fred-Fire; W: White-Metal or Air.
  • Be sure to check out our Magical Recipes page for some enchanted temptations for the Fairy Folk!

How do we know that Fairies are about?

There are a few subtle signs that will tell you a member of the Fairy Kingdom is nearby.

If any of these has happened to you – congratulations! You have probably had a close encounter of the Fairy kind!

  • A beautiful feather, usually white, appears in front of you. A gift from an Elemental.
  • A wonderful scent hits you out of the blue when out walking. A greeting from a Fairy.
  • An surprise compliment or a lucky break – an affectionate gesture from the Elemental realm.
  • An unusual breeze rustling up out of nowhere when walking through trees. Salutations from the Fairies.
  • A small unexpected present from a friend – influenced by a member of the Fairy Kingdom.

If you have had any close encounters with the Fairy Kingdom, or can share any tips and ideas for communicating with them, please contact me – I would love to hear from you!

Why not take a look at our Ancient Irish Fairytales and Legends page as well?

“Great are the blessings that will come of treating the fairies well. They are, for instance, very fond of good wines, and in the olden times great princes and chiefs would always be leaving out a keg of wine overnight, and always in the morning the keg would be drained. Cynical folks will say, of course, that a keg might easily be drained by others than fairies, and that anyone who would be foolish enough to leave out a keg of wine at night might expect to find it none other than empty in the morning. But cynics will not be reading this…”
~R.M. Douglas

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