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Feng Shui is one mystical system which I totally believe in and use – because it absolutely works!

“There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…Dorothy, Wizard of Oz”

I’m going to share some of the simple Feng Shui tips and principles which you can apply immediately in your home or work premises for instant results!

It is believed to date back to at least the fourth century B.C. and ensures that the Ch’i, or vital energy, flows perfectly and harmoniously in and around a building, home and person!

Everything in life is connected, animated and changing.

Feng Shui (which means wind and water) has two styles that are known in the Western world. The Compass School uses a special Chinese compass called a Luo Pau to determine auspicious directions and locations.

lotusIt also uses Chinese Astrology and Nine Ki Astrology to take into account the inhabitants dates of birth.

A chart called the Pa Kua is also used which takes its many symbols from the I Ching.

There are many other branches of the Compass School including the Flying Star method and the Eight House method. They are all very complex and excellent methods!

Bagua of Feng Shui

The Form School method of Feng Shui centres around a grid called the Ba Gua (or Baqua) and is the one I use. It is simple, effective and so easy to apply to your own home or premises. The front door of your premises, or the door you usually enter, is always situated in one of the bottom three squares; Skills and Knowledge, Career or Helpful People and Travel. You superimpose the shape of your house over the Ba Gua, stretching it vertically or horizontally to fit.

Each square of the Ba Gua has a different energy and property. In Feng Shui, if you have any additions on your house, they are considered projections of that square and, if properly arranged and decorated, can greatly enhance the properties of that square.

If you are missing part of a square, no problem! Again, you can add enhancements and be assured that the Ch’i will flow positively through that area.

Let’s take a look at each part of Ba Gua, what part of life it pertains to according to Feng Shui, what to put in that area and definitely what not to put in that area!

Prosperity Fame & Reputation Love & Relationships
Family Health Creativity & Children
Skills & Knowledge Career Helpful People & Travel



Life element: Happiness, unexpected money, good luck, blessings, promotion, better business, a steady income.

Good Things for this area: The colours gold, red, purple and green. Moving water (such as a Feng Shui fountain or aquarium), plants with rounded leafs, coins and wind chimes.

Bad Things for Prosperity: Dust, dirt, clutter (clogs up the Ch’i and prevents good fortune coming to you!), sad, dark or ‘down’ pictures or works of art, and it is not the best place for your toilet. If your bathroom is situated in this corner, make sure to keep the lid down and the room clean, bright and airy. Also, when not in use, make sure to put plugs in the bath and sink drain holes – again this stops that valuable Ch’i from flowing down the drain!


Life element: Better relationships with family and friends, improved mental and physical health, stability and security in all areas of your life.

Good Things for this area: In Feng Shui, plants and fresh flowers will enhance this area of your life. Wood items and the colours green and black. Family photographs and curvy shapes.

Bad Things for Family: Dead plants, metal items, the colour white. Anything that is broken, not working or hasn’t been used in months.

Skills and Knowledge

Life element: Pretty self-explanatory! The knowledge to make good business decisions, the ability to attract exactly the right people and opportunities into your life, to help self-growth and understanding, more peace and calm in your everyday life.

Good Things for this area: Books and the colours black, blue, and green. Water. Any items or symbols remind you of knowledge and wisdom. Photographs or paintings of anyone you personally consider a mentor or that you admire. Lots of light – natural or otherwise.

Bad Things for Skills and Knowledge: That old bugbear – clutter! Also anything that brings you ‘down’ or makes you feel sad.

Fame and Reputation

Life element: A great reputation for you and your business. Recognition and respect in your life and in the world. You are valued for who you are and what you contribute.

Good Things for this area: According to Feng Shui principles, the colours red and green and any diplomas and awards you have received. Lighting of any kind. Figures or images of fire, sunshine, stars, animals. Things made of wood.

Bad Things for Fame and Reputation: Anything watery or mirrors. The colours black and blue. Again, anything that has negative connotations or that makes you feel low.


Life element: The centre of the home, the balance of yin and yang in life. Better health and a balanced lifestyle.

Good Things for this area: Earthy things – ceramics and clay items. Earth tones – yellow, brown, red and gold.

Bad Things for Health: The colour green and anything made of wood.
In Feng Shui, this area, in the centre of the house, is an ideal spot for a meditation spot or just somewhere to sit and be still.


Life element: To enhance your career or to find the perfect job. Help your business thrive and increase turnover. Find out what you really want to do with your life.

Good Things for this area: The colours black and white. Mirrors, glass, crystal and water. Curvy and round shapes.

Bad Things for Career: Clutter and dirt. The colours brown, yellow and gold. Squared off items.
If your front door is in the Career area, make sure the path up to the door is kept clear and uncluttered and keep your door brasses and any glass sparkling clean!

Love and Relationships

Life element: To find the perfect life partner. To enhance all relationships in your life.

Good Things for this area: The colours white, pink, and red. Always pairs of items in this areas, such as figures, pictures, candles, cushions or photographs! Anything that personally reminds you of love, romance and friendship.

Bad Things for Love and Relationships: Dirt and dust. Items that don’t work or are broken. Solitary items or photographs of just one person. Anything belonging to an old relationship that didn’t work.

Creativity and Children

Life element: In Feng Shui, this can improve your creativity especially when you feel blocked. To increase your fertility. For rediscovering your inner child and finding joy in life.

Good Things for this area: Any pastel colour, also white and yellow. Items related to children or babies such as toys, games or stuffed animals. Metal items. Art supplies.

Bad Things for Creativity and Children: The colour red and anything related to fire. All objects with sharp edges.

Helpful People and Travel

Life element: You want to be in the Right Place at the Right Time. You find help coming to you from unexpected sources. Life in general runs more smoothly and harmoniously. You want the opportunity to travel. You would like to explore your spiritual side.

Good Things for this area: Symbols of angels, gods, guides – whatever speaks to you personally of spiritual help and guidance. The colours grey, white, silver and black. Water. Photographs of places you would like to visit.

Bad Things for Helpful People and Travel: Clutter and rubbish bins.

Feng Shui cures or general enhancements for any area of the Ba Gua are: Light. Fresh flowers. Pleasant sounds. Anything that moves if you feel the energy is ‘stuck’ in a particular area. Beautiful, uplifting and auspicious art.

Negative things to watch out for in any area are: Clutter! Pointed objects or sharp corners aimed at where you normally sit or sleep. Dust and dirt. Anything that’s broken or not working. Crossbeams that cut across where you regularly sit or sleep.

Why not have a go at implementing any or all of the above Feng Shui cures and you will definitely be on your way to a happier holistic home!

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