Ghost Hunting Equipment Basics

Did you know there’s a ton of ghost hunting equipment available, even for beginning ghost investigators?

Whether you are ghost hunting as a hobby or researching the mysteries of the afterlife, there is an entire range of equipment that you may find useful.

Here we will discuss the most popular types of ghost hunting equipment and their specific uses.

Beginner Ghost Hunting Equipment

If you or someone you know suspects there are spirits hanging around, you might be in the market for a basic paranormal investigator’s tool kit.

EVP Recorder

EVP (electronic voice phenomena) recorders are a classic tool of the trade.

These high quality audio recorders allow you to pick up on sounds which are thought to be caused by spirits making an attempt to communicate with us.

In addition to EVP recorders, many ghost hunters use what are known as “ghost boxes”.

These devices use radio frequency sweeps to cause white noise, which is thought to be a popular forum for spectral communication.

If you choose to use a ghost box, it is recommended that you pair it with a Faraday cage pouch.

These pouches will shield ghost boxes from interference from radio stations.

EMF Meter

EMF (electromagnetic field) meters are used to measure and notate changes in electromagnetic fields.

It has been observed that spirits and ghosts have the ability to change and direct these fields. Therefore, noting when such disturbances occur may alert you to potential opportunities for communication.

Full Spectrum Video Recorder

A good camera is a must have. Most ghost hunters, in addition to experiencing a connection or communication with a ghost, are also trying to document such happenings.

For this to be possible, and for it to be credible, you need a good, full spectrum camera. Your camera should work flawlessly in low light and should be rugged in design.

The best cameras will also have GPS capabilities, allowing investigators to geotag their photos, in an effort to keep them organized.

Full Spectrum Lighting

For the best quality photos and video recording, many ghost hunters employ the use of LED lighting. Also popular are flashlights with colored lenses (usually green, red and blue) that can aid in natural night vision.


Thermometers are another important tool in a ghost hunter’s arsenal, since many have reported sharp drops in temperature to be associated with spectral interactions.

Many ghost hunters use ambient thermometers which keep a constant reading, allowing you to watch for any fluctuations.

Laser Grid Pens

The last piece of equipment that we will highlight are laser grid pens. These devices are becoming more and more popular to use in conjunction with video recording equipment.

The small, pen liked device emits a powerful grid of dots that can be helpful in determining visual disturbances. They are frequently being used next to running cameras, as they make it easier to tell when there has been a change in the visual field.

All of these items are considered to be essential to the ghost hunter’s tool box.

Whether you are just starting out, or looking to deepen your investigations, give yourself the best tools for success by making sure you have these important pieces of equipment.

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