Ghost Lights and Orbs with real pictures

The fascinating subject of Ghost Lights and Orbs has been a favourite of mine since I began helping people with their paranormal problems.

 “Ghost – the outward and visible sign of an inward fear…”

When I visit a location to conduct a spirit clearing, occasionally I will take photographs of the building, paying particular attention to areas which the owners feel are haunted. I also take pictures where I feel its haunted – sometimes in an entirely different part of the house!

When I began seeing ghost lights and orbs on the photographs, I was intrigued. Were they ghosts or spirits? Or just bits of dust and dirt?


The Difference Between Ghost Lights and Orbs

Wghost lightshat are Orbs?

As a paranormal investigator, I would classify an orb as a ball of light which appears in photographs, normally isn’t seen by the naked eye and for which there is no explanation.

Almost always, the flash has gone off when the picture was taken.

I believe that when we see orbs in photographs, it is a mixture. I mean, 50% of the time it’s just dust, dirt, insects, water particles etc. and 50% of the time it’s a ghost or spirit.

real ghost

Picture of a real ghost

moving ghost orb

Picture of a moving ghost orb

I took these two pictures on a job recently where the owner felt the landing was haunted – creaking floorboards and a feeling of being watched. This incredible orb showed up in both pictures, taken about one minute apart.

When I see photographs with dozens of orbs in them, clustered together, I believe this to be dust particles or moisture in the air. I’ve never taken a photo with loads of orbs in them.




ghostly orbIn this photograph of the client’s house, I had the feeling I should quickly take the picture, there was a particular energy around the house. I love this orb (or ghost light) that I captured – no flash, just pure glowing energy, moving upwards. Cool!



glowing ghost orbmoving ghost orb2These next photographs were taken minutes apart in the client’s living room. Neither she or I felt this room to be haunted, it felt light, bright and welcoming. How wrong we were! In the second photograph of the glowing orb on the wall, note all the other orbs in the picture – on the door knob, the ceiling, the fireplace, and the opposite wall as well.


I really feel that the 50% of orbs that are ghosts are little globes of energy that spirits have taken on, specifically to show themselves to us. They have the ability to draw energy from anywhere! Lightbulbs (they often blow when being tampered with), remote controls, TV’s and radios are all sources of energy for them to drain.

Rather alarmingly, so are we. Suddenly feeling a little dizzy, a bit faint, a touch drained? That could be the problem.

Amazingly, no two orbs are similar (just like us!), differing in size, patterns and colour. With a little bit of common sense, it’s easy to distinguish between a dust and dirt orb and a ghost orb.

  • Have more than two people walked through the location where the orbs were caught on camera? Likely to be dust or dirt kicked up.
  • A lone orb caught on video, moving erratically up and down – possibly a ghost. Insects and dust particles are unlikely to move slowly, backwards or diagonally. Examine closely.
  • If photographs are taken outside, was the flash on, was there precipitation in the air? Probably water droplets.
  • The same distinctly patterned orb caught in more than one location? Tricky. I would tend to feel this is a spirit – skeptics claim the patterns could be flare reflecting our own iris while taking the photo….

ghost orborbI also feel that loved ones who have passed over really enjoy joining in family celebrations and festivities and do so whenever they can. That’s why so many orbs are caught on camera at parties, weddings and family gatherings. Check out these two great photos illustrating orbs joining in the fun!

Have you got your own ghost picture? Why not submit it to us here and share it with all our visitors!

What are Ghost Lights?

Ghost Lights and Orbs – what’s the difference? Ghost Lights are usually coloured and are seen by people without the aid of a camera.

They come in spheres, zigzags, sheets, streaks – basically most shapes. They can display erratic behaviour which makes them all the more mysterious. Ghost lights have been known to move rapidly, explode, sparkle and vanish. There have been quite a few instances where they have been chased as well – to no avail!

Ghost Lights are generally found in specific locations all over the world, which brings up the question of environmental factors rather than ghostly activities. This worldwide phenomena has been linked to UFO visitations as well. Ghost Ship sightings will also often be seen with strange and mysterious lights emanating from them or surrounding them.

Take a look at this fantastic photograph taken by a paranormal investigation group at Chanctonbury Ring in West Sussex. Trevor says: “It was taken on the approach to the ring although nothing was seen with the naked eye it was one of those photos where you sense something is around you so we took a few shots in what we thought was the location of the feeling and that’s what we managed to capture”.

Ghost light

Ghost light

They are known by quite a few different names; Earthlights, Corpse Candles, Will o’ the Wisp, as well as Spooklights. The main chilling superstition associated with them all over the world is the foretelling of a death. Some people also believe Ghost Lights emanate from the Elemental and Fairy Kingdom.

I have only rarely seen coloured flashes of light when investigating haunted locations.

They have appeared and then vanished so quickly that I can’t be sure what I saw, if they were Ghost Lights or if there was a ‘normal’ reason behind them.

At present, there is no rational explanation for them.

Both Ghost Lights and Orbs remain an intriguing Earth Mystery.

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