What are Ghosts and Spirits?

Ghouls, ghosts, entities, things that go bump in the night!

“Sometimes it is hard to tell who is a ghost…”

Put very plainly, ghost visitors and spirits are souls that did not pass into the light/next dimension when their physical bodies died here on Earth. Either they didn’t pass over due to:

  • Unfinished business here on EarthThey’re afraid to move on to the next

    Ghosts and spirits

    level because of what they think awaits them

  • They want to pass over but can’t see the light
  • They do not realise they are dead or
  • They like it here and just want to hang around!

Entities can also be seen when they are in the form of residual energy.

That is, a certain spot or location holds the energy of past inhabitants and events, and anyone there at the right time and place can see a replay of certain events. There are a whole host of other (non-worldly) entities and energies out there. I have met a few with clearing jobs that I have had. Some are good natured and some definitely are not!

There can be poltergeists, earth spirits and energies which just exist and are not from a person who once lived on earth.Poltergeists would probably be the one of the most publicised type of energy and the most misunderstood. Generally, poltergeists are not connected with the spirit of someone who has passed on.

They are not ghosts. Poltergeist activity is generally associated with children, adolescents and/or people with emotional problems. Though not completely understood, it is believed that a form of mind over matter energy is expended from the living person, creating a whole range of activity from loud noises, furniture moving, objects levitating and foul odours.

Earth spirits would include all types of animal energies, elementals and fairies, divas, goblins and land spirits. They can occasionally attach themselves to a person or place and can have a very mischievious energy. I have personal experience of an animal energy which was quite frightening and not at all playful, so they must be treated with care at all times.

Other energies

I occasionally run across energies that are causing problems for a person or in their home which just can’t be classified. I see them as different forms of energy; dense, light, sparkling, heavy etc… and I would know immediately they are not human.

Possibly they come from another dimension or world. Shadow People would fall into this category for me, as I’m not sure that they were once in human form.

Usually these types of energy are no trouble to move on, and rarely cause harm.

Do you have a Ghostly Guest?

Take our paranormal checklist to see if you might have a ghostly visitor in your home.

  1. Is there any room or area in your home that you really don’t want to go into or that you would rather not spend too much time in?
  2. Do you ever feel you’re being watched or that someone is standing right behind you, but when you turn around you are on your own?
  3. Ever catch a strange scent or odour that doesn’t belong in your house i.e. perfume, tobacco, flowers?
  4. Do you have any cold spots in the house with no physical cause?
  5. Do your lights dim, TV channels or volume change, batteries drain, despite no one being near appliances or switches?
  6. Do your clocks stop or chime too many times?
  7. Would your dog appear anxious, stare in space at nothing in particular, or howl for no reason?
  8. Do you have nightmares or wake up startled during the night – more than once a week?
  9. Would you hear your name being called when no one is looking for you?

Ok, if you answered yes to more than 3 of these questions, you might have an unwanted guest!

What can you do?

Having paranormal activity in your home, whether you realize it is happening or not, is a tremendous drain on your health and energy. If you suspect you might have an unwelcome spirit guest, you can try asking it to leave yourself. After doing a prayer or asking your guardian angel for protection – whatever feels right to you – simply ask the spirit or spirits to leave. It really can be this simple.

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