Healing Properties of Crystals

These are some wonderfully easy ways to harness the healing properties of crystals for yourself and your living environment.

“Look at a tree, a flower, a plant…How still they are…”

Healing Properties of Crystals – Which one to use?

Crystals are natural energy transmitters that are an important part of a healthy, holistic home.

Many ancient healing practices use crystals, some examples being the Indian Chakras and the Japanese Reiki arts.

They are not overly expensive to buy, although some of the bigger clusters of amethyst and quartz can be a little pricey.

It’s not necessary to buy a large crystal, but if you can get one for a living, working or sleeping space, they are a worthwhile investment.


Healing crystals

Healing crystals

Crystal Choices and Their Properties

These are the crystals that I use most often in my work for healing client’s homes and themselves.

Browse the list of crystals and then read about how to use and care for them below.

A luscious stone that comes in moss, blue and warm earth colours in wonderful stripes. Agates balances and grounds whoever is wearing it and holds them in tune with the Earth’s natural rhythms. Wonderful for freeing you from stress and increasing your sense of security and peace. The Ayurvedic systems links the Agate to the month of May.


Amber is actually resin from trees that are millions of years old, so is not technically a crystal. It is included in my list because of it’s outstanding healing qualities and joyful characteristics. In addition, Amber has disinfectant properties and bestows the wearer powerful protection against any negative influences. The astrological sign of Taurus is aligned to Amber.


A stunning purple stone that is part of the quartz family. Amethyst will settle overactive minds and if placed by your bedside will ease insomnia. It is highly recommended for healers and counsellors; a large cluster of this crystal placed in the work area will soak up negative vibrations and keep the atmosphere ‘pure’. In Ayurvedic medicine it is aligned with February.


A renowned crystal for psychic defense and for promoting clairvoyance and mediumship. Angelite is helpful in treating blood ailments, contagious diseases, headaches, coronary issues and is related to healing any throat imbalances. This is a fabulously soothing, balancing stone and it can rapidly dissipate stress and anxiety.


This is a stone of Pisces and is said to have originated from the planet Venus. It has cool, serene qualities that help with sea sickness. It also can enhance a person’s psychic abilities and intuition as well as improving one’s eyesight. It is a watery greenish-blue and can also assist with easing fluid retention.


A superb healing stone – literally for whatever ails you! It is dark green with specks of red in it which are supposed to be blood from Jesus. Because of this, bloodstone is particularly known for helping all blood and circulation related disorders. It will also increase courage and strength. It is linked with those born in March.


Barite is rather soft stone that has renowned properties related to astral travel and following your dreams. It comes in many earth-toned colors and shapes. It is thought that some American Indians used it for dream recall, healing the earth and communication with those who have passed on. It can also shift and clear energy blocks of the Third Eye and Crown Chakra, whilst removing toxins from the body. Barite is associated to the astrological sign of Aquarius.


This stone is particularly good for removing negative attachments and energies and is associated with soothing and healing the third chakra. It is a gold colour and only forms inside a quartz or amethyst, making it rather special. It also assists with healing of the thyroid and digestive systems and is a stone connected with those born under the sign of Sagittarius.


A wonderful enlightening, uplifting stone whose properties help to allay anxiety, fear and worry. It can open up a connection with the Universe, the Angelic realm and assists those who wish to astral travel. On the physical side it helps the digestive system and can speed up the elimination of toxins from the body.


A glorious sunburst yellow crystal renowned for helping writers and academics. When placed on your desk, it is brilliant for clarifying your thoughts and allowing free expression. Citrine is a good detoxifier also, being beneficial to the heart and kidneys. Associated with those born in November.


This is a colourless stone, but is sometimes found in it’s pink or yellow form. It stimulates a person’s spiritual awareness and works well for the crown and heart chakra. It helps to release energy blockages and helps with all healing. Danburite is particularly excellent in helping to communicate with the Angelic Realm.


The hardest gemstone there is. They attract positive energy, emanate radiance and keep negativity at bay. They are linked to the month of October. For the healing arts, Herkimer Diamonds and other clear stones can be used if you don’t want to use an expensive gemstone.


A wonderful gem that helps with self-discovery, fertility and eyesight. It is said to come from Venus and is known as an excellent choice as a wedding or engagement ring. Linked to the month of June.


A crystal which helps fight viruses, strengthens the skeletal system and balances the positive and negatives aspects of the mind. It can also help with concentration.


A lovely red-bronze stone known to increase prosperity and vitality. Excellent for depression, balance, sexuality and the circulatory system, especially problems with blood pressure. They have been used for centuries for protection and as talismans. They come in red, orange and the rarer green. Traditionally, garnet is connected with January, however in ancient texts, August is the month linked to the garnet.


An unusual looking white mineral which is unsurpassed for quickly reducing stress, rage and anxiety. It promotes calm thinking, patience and prudence. An extremely useful mineral to have around.


A truly mystical stone that has the ability to stop negative energies and vibrations entering one’s physical and etheric body. It is closely associated with the moon and works to calm the mind and reduce anxiety.

Lapis Lazuli

This gorgeous deep blue stone with flashes of gold (which is actually Pyrite) is prized for its calming properties, protective nature and spiritual links. It is also believed to have magical powers. The month of April is associated with lapis lazuli.


Purple in colour, this stone balances the nervous system, promotes peaceful sleep when placed near your pillow and is said to attract good fortune and luck if carried, whilst repelling negative energies and vibrations. Also helpful with joint problems and pain relief.


This dark green stone is renowned for helping arthritis and absorbing negativity. it is also used to gain inner peace, clarity and patience. Many practitioners of Feng Shui will place a malachite on the cash register of a business premises to attract prosperity. It is linked to the month of July.


A fascinating extraterrestrial stone which is known for setting people on the right life path, helping with spiritual growth and unblocking the heart chakra, helping people to experience true love. Excellent for crystal and indigo children. Truly a special stone for this new millennium.


This opalescent stone is associated the moon and the emotions. It will help balance sensitivity and also help to nurture love. It’s sheen is thought to brighten as the moon becomes full. Moonstone is a stone that is said to bring forth sweet dreams if placed under your pillow. Tibetan beliefs associate the moonstone with the month of June.


A sparkling gold-green stone which helps the entire digestive system. It also has purifying qualities and helps to lift depression. It is reputed to have been Cleopatra’s favourite gemstone and is said to protect anyone who carries or wears it from negativity. September is the month linked to the Peridot.


A greenish-yellow stone, particularly valued for remembering dreams, activating the 3rd eye and as a true meditation tool. It is connected with the Archangel Raphael and is said to strengthen intuition, spirituality and individual connection to the Divine. It can help heal the kidneys, the bladder and the lungs.


A family of crystals.

  • Clear Helps with ear and hearing problems.
  • Rutilated Energising and focusing crystals.
  • Smoky Protects your energetic field. Great for manifestation.
  • Rose Calming, heals emotional problems and feelings of vulnerability.


Beautiful pink crystal which is excellent for helping one accept life’s ups and downs, strengthens courage, heals past life traumas and is a wonderful tool for meditation.


A wonderful red gem which invokes authority, confidence and energy. It is associated with abundance and riches and can be a difficult stone to wear. August is the month associated with the ruby.


A gorgeous stone that is known for its beautiful blue colour, but also appears as pink, green, yellow or the very rare orange. It has healing properties and is linked to the Divine, beauty and wisdom. It is said to help with psychic abilities and intuition. Sapphire is linked with the month of April.


A beautiful dark blue stone which promotes peace and harmony. It is said to balance the left and right brain and promote rational thinking. It helps to heal thyroid issues and is said to be especially lucky for creative individuals, in particular, writers. It is connected with the zodiac sign of Sagittarius.


This violet stone is essential for psychic development and strengthening the Third Eye. It helps focus you during meditation and balances the pituitary and pineal glands. Sugilite is believed to dissipate feelings of negativity and anger and to encourage feelings of happiness and peace. It is associated with those born under the sign of Aquarius.

Tigers Eye

A glowing gold-brown stone which grounds, helps psychic development and brings good luck. It also aids concentration and focus and is useful for students. It can purify and lighten our bodies while protecting us on our journey through life. Tigers eye is linked to the sign of Gemini.


A lovely stone which appears as gold, brown, yellow and blue. It heals and re-energises the body during sleep, helps with bronchial problems and protects against negative energies and dangers. November is the month related to topaz according to Ayurvedic beliefs.


A powerful crystal that comes as watermelon (pink and green), yellow, black and pink or green on their own. Because of its composition it produces both positive and negative charges and should be used cautiously. It can help to heal a broken heart, restore balance and happiness and bolster courage. It is associated with the zodiac sign of Leo.


A beautiful blue stone, which heals the lungs, throat and respiratory system. Because of this, it is excellent to wear when making a speech or an important presentation. Associated with the month of January.


A lovely pale green stone, Variscite is fantastically soothing and is excellent when under pressure, dealing with difficult people or when depressed. It is particularly used in psychic work, namely past life regression and for helping with achieving a deep level of meditation. It is affiliated with the sign of Gemini and the heart chakra.


This hexagonal crystal appears in the yellow to red color spectrum and is renowned for re-energising a person and for helping the more spiritually and psychically minded to keep themselves grounded while still exploring the other realms. It helps to stimulate and increase creativity and fertility while clearing and balancing the 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakras specifically.

This is a only a shortened list of the many crystals and gems that you can use for healing yourself, your family and your home.

How can you use Crystals?

The healing properties of crystals and the methods of using them are limitless! Let your intuition and emotions guide you.

Traditional uses include:

  • Wearing a crystal or stone as a pendant
  • Keeping it near you as you work or sleep
  • Placing it on the appropriate spot on your body for healing purposes
  • Holding a crystal while meditating
  • Placing them on your chakras to heal and balance

Deciding what you need help or healing with is the first step. Then decide which crystal or stone best suits your needs. You will soon experience the unique healing properties of crystals and will never look back!

How to care for your Crystals

When you first buy your crystal, it needs to be cleansed of all negative energies and vibrations that it may have picked up in the shop where you bought it and by all the people who have previously handled it.

Some crystals and stones are fragile and all need to be handled with care.

For cleansing, you can hold them under a gently running tap, visualising all negativity being washed away. You should feel intuitively when this has been done. The healing properties of crystals will be greatly enhanced by regular, gentle cleansing.

You can also cleanse crystals by leaving them out in a safe place in moonlight overnight – a full moon is ideal for this. Even an inside windowsill that will get the moonlight would be fine. The powerful lunar rays will clear all crystals thoroughly.

You can also waft incense around the stone, making sure to avoid contact with the burning incense. Frankincense is my favourite for clearing negativity.

It is then important to hold your crystal and programm it to whatever healing you would like it to help with. Your intentions and thoughts will go straight to the crystal, be magnified and then go on to heal and energize whatever it is you require help with.

These are powerful healing tools for this exciting new millennium. Experiment with different ones, have fun and above all, enjoy them!

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