Leyline Relocation

Leyline Relocation is the act of moving negative and harmful leylines to a safe location and it is a particularly rare skill.

In work with spirit clearing, negative leylines and black energy streams crop up again and again where there is disturbing paranormal activity, hauntings and health problems related to geopathic stress.

The following is a description written by a Leylines expert.

Clearing Leylines

My belief is that leylines act as a type of track for spirits, energies, entities and ghosts.

I knew there had to be a solution to permanently stop this type of activity where it was causing fear and distress.

I cleared spirits and ghosts, so why not leylines?

When I began clearing leylines, the results in the first few locations were verified by independent dowsers – there was no sign of any leylines or geopathic stress after I relocated them.

This was an important step to ensure that leylines could be moved, leaving no trace of their existence.

Leyline Relocation Makes Room for Positive Energy

Moon in a moody night sky

Moon in a moody night sky

Also, the atmosphere in the houses and buildings was considerably lighter and much more energised.

In all cases where I have relocated leylines to date, paranormal activity of any kind has ceased completely and the general health and quality of sleep of the occupants was hugely improved.

When first approaching this kind of work for a client, I establish what kind of problems they were having the most trouble with. I would then either dowse or psychic-ly scan the location for leylines and black energy streams. If I found leylines, the next step was to establish how many there were, how strong they were and whether they were positive, negative or neutral.

Generally, I will not move positive or neutral lines. As a rule, they do not cause problems. If there is a negative line, it should be moved. After checking that it is for the best interests of all concerned and that it does not go against nature to move the line, I then proceed.

This is a very important part of the process, as leylines are a very powerful, naturally occurring phenomena and I feel they should not be tampered with unless they are causing harm.

I would then check the local area for the best spot to move the leyline to. I usually pick water – either the bottom of a lake, river or ocean that is relatively close by. I also make sure that it is an area where there would be very little human contact and I make sure to completely surround it by a protective energy.

It takes quite a bit of psychic effort to move a leyline or leylines, but the results speak for themselves!

This is a unique service and it can be the answer to clearing paranormal activity and geopathic stress in a location – permanently. It should always be combined with a Spirit Clearing.
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