Leylines and Geopathic Stress

Leylines and Geopathic Stress are naturally occurring phenomena, which can be neutral, positive or negative.

Leylines – What exactly are they?

If you haven’t heard of these two things in relation to your home, its time you did!

Ley lines are invisible energies which can run above or below ground, and can be positive, negative or neutral. They are sometimes called ‘black streams’ or ‘track lines’.

Picture of Stonehenge

Picture of Stonehenge

They are believed to be magnetic in nature and cross all over the Earth. Significantly, most ancient monuments and churches are built either on a leyline or where two or more cross.

In her latest book ‘Discover Atlantis’, Diana Cooper believes that the original Atlanteans used them as a means of travel!

Geopathic Stress could be considered a by-product of leylines. Again it is a type of energy that can emanate from them, as well as geological formations and fault lines, underground streams and other types of structures.

Why worry about this Natural Phenomena?

Leylines and Geopathic stress are invisible, but they can do untold damage to both your physical and mental health. That is why I want you to know all about them and what you can do to neutralise their potentially harmful effects.

They can both contribute to a number of physical and mental ailments and can also be the cause of geopathic stress symptoms. These symptoms can range from feeling tired, sick, poor quality sleep, low immune system, feeling cold and, more seriously, depression, Multiple Sclerosis, infertility, arthritis and cancer.

I believe that ley lines also act as ‘roads’ or ‘tracks’ for earthbound ghosts, spirits and entities and this in itself can obviously cause problems for whoever lives in the path of one of these lines.

A Checklist for Geopathic Stress Symptoms

  1. You may already have a serious long term illness.
  2. You never actually feel entirely ‘healthy’.
  3. You sleep badly, consistently.
  4. The atmosphere in your house is not a happy one. Maybe you feel your home is haunted.
  5. You feel much better when you are away from your home, for example, when on holiday.
  6. There are problems with mold, dampness and creepy crawlies, such as slugs, snails, ants, bugs or wasps. They love Geopathic Stress!
  7. You feel depressed, irritable, enraged, either regularly or intermittently, but consistently.

What can you do to protect you and your home?

Step 1. Find out if you have Geopathic Stress, and where it is.

What I have found to be one of the most effective ways to check for leylines is dowsing, which in turn will show up where the Geopathic Stress is concentrated.

Step 2. Get rid of it!

This can be done by diverting, neutralising or completely relocating them.

Diverting a leyline is usually done by a specialist practitioner who places copper or metal rods in the earth surrounding the affected building, diverting the path of the leyline and any accompanying Geopathc Stress. It is also known as Earth Acupuncture.

To neutralise any harmful lines, there are devices available that can either be carried or worn by you, or you can buy the more expensive plug-in instruments which are capable of clearing a building of geopathic stress.

However, I would recommend that the best course of action with a harmful leyline is to relocate to a safe location, out of harm’s way, where it will cause no problems for either humans or animals. If you’re interesting in learning more about this type of service, please click here to learn about leyline relocation.

A Final Word on Geopathic Stress and Leylines

Just by reading this information you are on your way to creating a healthier, happier home to live in.

These are naturally occurring phenomena that have been around since the beginning of time.

And the good news is, Geopathic Stress and Leylines can be cleared, if necessary, from almost any situation!

You have taken the first step.

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Amy says January 21, 2017

Every point you mentioned on homes laying on ley lines is true in our home. And even more. I don’t know who to call or ask to help to see if our home is indeed on one. But I have said the energy here is bad and multiple ghost sightings have been seen and a child medium came over once and freaked out about the portal here. We were the first house constructed on this lot. Can you direct me to who to contact for assistance in finding out what we need to do?

    Moonslipper says January 21, 2017

    Before I can direct you to someone I need to know where you live. If we’re lucky I might know someone in the area.

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