Most Haunted Places

This is our selection of the world’s most haunted places.

 “Throngs of spirits follow us everywhere. We are never alone – Barney Sarecky”

Most are well-known, some are not. Visit them if you dare…

Thunderbird Lodge, Nevada

The Lodge was built by George Whittell in 1936. The haunted Card House is one of a few still existing card houses where the “boys of summer” would come to play cards, smoke cigars and enjoy the fine company of women.

A very spooky tunnel connects the main house with the Card House. The Lodge has an incredibly haunted air about it, with a feeling almost of being in a time warp.

Ghosts of Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and Marilyn Monroe are just a few of the spooky visitors believed to still be wandering around.

Chris Fleming and the Dead Famous team conducted an investigation here and picked up one of the most sinister EVPs I have ever heard.

Click here to listen to the recording -it’s the 7th one down on the page. Really chilling.
Picture of Leap Castle

Picture of Leap Castle

Leap Castle, Co. Offaly, Ireland

Up to 20 spirits are known to roam this most haunted 14th century Irish castle. A rather malevolent Irish elemental is resident in the hidden dungeon, and is known to attack most viciously if provoked.

It is also seen throughout the castle and outside. The dungeon, which was discovered around 1900 by workmen and is one of the castle’s most haunted areas, was filled with skeletons piled on top of one another.

Prisoners were thought to have been pushed into it through a drop floor onto a spike below. The castle is also home to the ‘Bloody Chapel’, where a warrior is reported to have killed his brother over the alter and a ghostly priest who is also seen running past the chapel door.

The Most Haunted television series and the TAPS team have both conducted investigations here. Very, very chilling and not for the faint-hearted. It is not open to the public at the present time.

The Whaley House, San Diego

One of only two Certified Haunted Houses in the State of California, the Whaley House has long been known to be one of the most haunted homes in America and dates from 1856.

From 1868 to 1871, the Whaley House was not only the family home, but also San Diego’s first theater, the county courthouse, and the Whaley and Crosthwaite General Store. The suicide of Violet Whaley in 1885 deeply affected Thomas and Anna Whaley and that same year, Thomas Whaley moved his family to a new home.

These events, as well as the numerous hangings which occurred on the property before the Whaley house existed, have filled the house with an atmosphere of mystery, darkness and the paranormal.

In 1852, a man known as “Yankee Jim” Robinson was accused of attempting to steal a boat in the harbour. He was sentenced to die by hanging and as the executioners didn’t take into account his tall stature, it took him 45 minutes to slowly strangle to death. He has often been heard trudging around in his heavy boots upstairs. It is said he walks to the top of the stairs and then stops, dead.

Both Thomas and Anna Whaley are regularly seen and Violet is said to appear in her bedroom, one of the most haunted rooms in the house. Visitors also describe cold spots, cigar smoke, flowery perfume, creaking sounds and strange light anomalies appearing.

Occasionally the ghost of the Whaley dog, Dolly, makes an appearance. Whaley House is definitely one of the most haunted homes in the world – take the tour if you’re brave enough…

Picture of Haunted Venice

Picture of Haunted Venice

Most Haunted – Venice, Italy

One of the most haunted cities in Europe. Not the Venice that tourists know, but the dark and mysterious alleyways and side streets only known to the locals.

After the sun goes down, if you are not careful, it is possible to get trapped in a time loop. There are numerous locations where you can see the ghostly figures in the shadows of the old buildings, which usually vanish into thin air when they realize that they have been spotted.

The Island of No Return is a place that locals are reluctant to venture to – either at day or night. An overwhelming sense of negativity surrounds the area and ghostly voices and footsteps are often heard in the mist.

Poyeglia is another Venetian island which housed bodies of those who had died of the Black Plague and also those who were still alive, but dying.

In later years, a hospital was built on the site, where mental patients were housed and supposedly experimented on. This location is closed to the public, although psychics who were granted permission to investigate are said to have been frightened to death by what they found. Very disturbing.

St. Michan’s Church, Dublin, Ireland

Named after a Danish Bishop, for over five hundred years St. Michan’s was the only parish church in Dublin north of the River Liffey. Founded around 1095 by a Danish colony, the current building dates from about 1685 and is definitely one of Dublin’s most haunted locations.

The organ in St. Michan’s is one of the oldest in Ireland still in use and it’s believed that George F. Handel played it when composing The Messiah.

The vaults under this church contain thirty mummified bodies. Reached by a dark stone stairway, long narrow galleries containing coffins stretch before the visitor. Some are private and locked, others are open to view. Some of the coffins are seen scattered in a haphazard fashion, bursting at the seams with an arm or leg sticking up.

The most notorious open gallery contains the gruesome remains of two women and two men, coffin lids flung off and the mummified bodies covered with dust and dirt. Three of the coffins lie in a row: a woman, a man with a hand and both feet cut off – two schools of thought for this mutilation, some say because he was a thief, others say it was done so the body would fit into the coffin – and a nun.

The coffin along the rear wall is known as that of the Crusader. Once again, in order to fit into the coffin, his body has been cut in half. Also, one of his hands is lifted in the air. Voices, whispering and sounds of things being dragged across the floor have been heard.

This is one of Dublin’s most haunted places and not somewhere I would visit on my own.

picture of Borley Rectory

picture of Borley Rectory

Borley Rectory, Essex, England

Local legend has it that a Benedictine monastery had once been located on the site where Borley Rectory stood and that a 13th century monk and a beautiful novice were killed while trying to elope from there. The monk was hanged and his love was buried alive within the walls of the convent.

The rectory was built in 1863 for the Reverend H.D.E. Bull. In 1892 the Reverend Bull died in the Blue Room and in 1927 Harry, his son, also passed away in the same room. Subsequently, it became known as the most haunted room in the rectory.

When the Reverend Lionel Foyster and his wife Marianne moved in in October 1930 there was a huge surge in paranormal activity. People were locked out of their bedrooms, furniture was moved about, windows were smashed and many more odd occurances.

Mrs. Foyster seemed to be the focus of the ghostly activity, as she was thrown from her bed at night, physically hit by invisible hands and once was almost suffocated with a mattress. There also began to appear a series of scrawled messages on the walls of the house, written by a ghostly hand.

The famous ghosthunter and investigator Harry Price was called in and he remained fascinated by the case until his death in 1948. A fire ravaged the rectory in 1938 and it was finally demolished in 1944 but still holds the reputation as one of the world’s most haunted homes.

Borley Church across the road from the rectory site is a continuing source of reported paranormal phenomena.

St. Augustine Lighthouse, Florida

The picturesque lighthouse of St. Augustine in Florida is home to quite a group of ghosts and entities which keep visitors and staff alike on their toes! Loud footsteps are often heard coming up the tower steps only to stop midway – with no one there.

A tall dark man has been spotted in the basement and the gift shop items are routinely re-arranged overnight. As well as cigar smoke being detected on the premises, there is also reported to be a mischievous young girl ghost who resides in the keeper’s house and young girl’s laughter heard in the tower.

During the construction of the building, in 1873, three young girls died in a tragic accident on the property – could this be one of them? A beautiful and very spooky location and one of Florida’s most haunted locations.

Picture of haunted Loftus Hall in Wexford

Picture of haunted Loftus Hall in Wexford

Loftus Hall, Wexford, Ireland

Loftus Hall is located on a very bleak part of the Hook Peninsula in County Wexford, Ireland. This is one of the most haunted and well known houses in Ireland because of the terrifying ghost story attached to it, involving none other than the devil himself!

The original building was called Redmond Hall and was built around 1350. During the middle 1700’s, during one stormy night, there was a tremendous knocking at the front door. A strange young gentleman was at the door asking for shelter on such a terrible night. The Loftus family were known for their hospitality and invited him in. A card game followed and during one point, Anne Loftus dropped a card. As she bent down to retrieve it she was shocked to see the young man had a cloven hoof.

Naturally she let out a scream and the stranger disappeared with a cloud of smoke through the ceiling! Another version has him disappear through the fireplace hearth leaving a crack in the floor. Neither the spot in the ceiling or the crack in the hearth were ever able to be repaired successfully.

Other ghost stories associated with Loftus Hall include those about Anne Loftus being kept in the Tapestry room after the incident, due to mental health problems, and sounds of servants screaming and wailing.

The building was destroyed in 1871 and the current building now stands in it’s place, the paranormal activity still continuing. It was occupied by two different religious orders last century and now lies vacant. The gates are chained and locked and it looks gloomy and unwelcoming.

However, I’d still love to do an investigation here!

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

This magnificent castle is one of Scotlands’ most haunted locations and is thought to date back to around 600 AD when the first settlement was built on the spot on top of a rocky outcrop.

There are sightings of ghost dogs, a headless drummer, a ghostly piper and spirits of prisoners taken during the French seven-year war and the American War of Independence.

The ghost drummer was first seen before Cromwell’s attack on the castle in 1650 and is seen as a headless boy. One of the most haunted areas is the dog’s cemetery in the castle which is reportedly haunted by at least one phantom hound. Edinburgh has a secret and sinister underworld to which the castle has connections including a series of tunnels.

When they were first discovered several hundred years ago, a piper was sent to explore them. He kept playing so that those above would be able to keep track of his location. About half way down the tunnels, his piping suddenly stopped.

When a rescue party was sent, the piper had simply vanished. His ghost still haunts Edinburgh today, walking endlessly along the underground tunnel, his music occasionally still being heard from within the castle.

The Most Haunted television series has visited Edinburgh also.

Chillingham Castle

Chillingham Castle

Chillingham Castle, England

There are a number of ghosts resident in this spooky castle in Northumberland. With it’s dark dungeons and torture chamber, it’s the perfect environment for paranormal activity.

It dates from the 13th century and has been owned by the same family continuously. Chillingham’s most famous ghost is the ‘blue boy’ who cries and moans sorrowfully. He is seen, even in the present day, around a particular four poster bed in the castle and appears dressed in blue.

During the 1920’s the bones of a young boy and the remains of a blue dress were discovered in a wall alongside another skeleton. Another ghost, Lady Mary Berkeley, is reputed to be searching for her husband, who ran off with her sister.

One of the most haunted areas is the old nursery where her portrait hung, and legend has it that she regularly stepped out of her frame to frighten the children and their nanny, chasing after them. The rustle of her dress is often heard along the corridors and stairs followed by a draft of icy air.

Both the World’s Scariest Places and the Most Haunted television series have spent time here with truly terrifying results.

St. James’ Theatre, Wellington, New Zealand

The St. James’ Theatre is a stage theatre located in the centre of New Zealand’s capital, Wellington. The present building was built in 1912. There have been numerous reports of several ghosts in the theatre.

One of the more regular sightings is the ghost of Yuri, a Russian performer who supposedly fell to his death from above the stage. Another story tells that he was pushed by a fellow Russian female performer. Yuri has been encountered playing with the lights, in particular switching them all back on again once the theatre has been locked up for the night.

There is also the ‘Wailing Woman’, a frequent apparition who is said to wail and moan throughout the theatre. She is supposed to have been poorly received on stage, later killing herself in the dressing room.

A boy’s choir is said to haunt the theatre also. The choir played their last song at the St. James during the Second World War before beginning a tour. The ship they sailed on was never seen again and patrons and workers alike often hear their music in the seating area.

The excellent Ghost Hunt group of New Zealand held a night investigation here which resulted in some incredible paranormal evidence, including a picture of Yuri. This has to be one of the most haunted theatres in the world.

Picture of a haunted museum

Picture of a haunted museum

Kansas Aviation Museum, Wichita

An old disused airport and museum combined together – and haunted! This is my kind of place to visit! This wonderful building was one of the busiest airports in the 1940’s in the US with airplanes taking off and landing every 90 seconds.

Eventually it was closed down and changed to an aviation museum. Paranormal activity is regularly reported, in particular the sounds of crowds walking, talking and laughing, residual tannoy announcements and also an apparition of a man wearing a fedora hat.

Doors slam, music from the 40’s and 50’s can definitely be heard and there is a feeling of people all around the building. Fascinating place to visit.

King’s Cellars Pub, Croydon, England

King’s Cellars Pub in Croydon gained notoriety for the poltergeist activity that was at it’s height in the late 1970’s. Usually when the pub was full of customers, glasses and bottles would move of their own accord, then drop to the ground breaking in pieces.

An intense cold would pervade the area and on one dangerous and strange occasion a fire began, spread up one wall and ceiling and then vanished. No explanation could be found for any of the occurrences. The building is thought to have been built on the remains of an old fire station and the ghost of a fireman is known to haunt the pub.

Staff have also witnessed the spectre of a woman with a blue glow who whispers ‘Help me’. As far as we know, this most haunted building is no longer in public use. Scary!

Picture of Kimball Castle

Picture of Kimball Castle

Kimball Castle, New Hampshire

Kimball Castle is a magnificent old building that overlooks Lake Winnipesaukee, in New Hampshire. It was built by the railroad magnate Benjamin Ames Kimball between 1897 and 1899.

Although Benjamin died in 1920 the castle and estate remained in the Kimball family until 1960. There are many reports of ghosts and paranormal activity. One of the most common stories is that even though there is no electricity hooked up to the building, lights can be seen coming on after dark.

The carriage house, which at present has tenants, is the location of quite a bit of supernatural activity with doors locking and unlocking by themselves, books coming off shelves and footsteps being heard. A white, glowing figure of a woman has been seen in the castle windows and around the grounds also. The castle is privately owned at present.

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