Is There Proof of an Afterlife?


Did you know many serious scientists are searching for proof of an afterlife?

As I read this month’s book review subject,  (My Son and the Afterlife) I was reminded of a brief out of body experience I had many years ago.

It was during a period of great emotional pain and stress in my life.  At the time I had been going through many restless nights filled with anguish, and on this particular night I was alone.

I had gone to bed and then after a short time I became aware that I had left my body and was drifting away from my bedroom.

It frightened me a little and apparently this caused me to immediately return to my “normal” self.

Another night around this same time as I sat on the edge of my bed just thinking or more accurately, worrying, I remember feeling as though a spirit touched or nudged me during one of my worst moments of pain. I’ve only felt that once and I have no idea why.

Later on when I described these experiences to my husband he suggested that perhaps I was searching or reaching out to find him.  This could have been true because I was missing him at the time.

Meditating with a crystal ball

Meditating with a crystal ball

Are OBEs Proof of an Afterlife?

Some believe that out of body experiences (OBEs) are just another form of dreams, but I’m not sure yet.

One of my most memorable dreams which was very vivid was of flying. This is probably a common dream, but the feelings in this dream were so real and full of pleasure I have to think there was something unusual about it.

For one thing, most of my dreams are not very memorable.  This one was many years ago and I still remember the feelings of exquisite joy and freedom while I was in flight. I would love to feel that again!

I had the feeling that I could just move myself or will myself in a direction and that’s where I would go.  I could dive and drift and arch in all kinds of directions, very much like birds do. It was the most wonderful feeling.

I want to try again to get outside of my body and explore with less fear.

These memories have sparked a renewed interest in the subject of out of body experiences so I’ve been exploring the work of Robert Monroe and others.

Bob Monroe studied out of body experiences and developed sound patterns and recordings to help people enter lucid dreams and induce OBEs.  His work began in the 1950s.

Many people believe these kinds of experiences are proof of an afterlife. Others believe they are just especially vivid dreams.

I would love to hear from you about your out of body experiences or lucid  dreams that seem more than just regular dreams, as well as your thoughts on the Afterlife.

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