Shadow People – Does anyone know what they are?

What exactly are Shadow People? Are they ghosts? Are they malevolent beings from another dimension? Or are they just a trick of the light?

I have only seen a shadow person twice in my spirit clearing work and even now I’m not sure what they are. Psychicly they feel totally different than a ghost; almost more alive and definitely more threatening.

There have been many reports of them among paranormal investigators and the one thing that stands out is that they tend to linger for a few seconds before disappearing, almost to make a point.Picture of shadow people Their appearance is usually accompanied by a sinking feel of apprehension and dread.

Alarmingly, there have been reports of individuals being chased and even attacked by these beings.

Typically, they do not portray physical features or clothes, with the exception of a hat which is seen frequently in sightings. They tend to move extremely quickly, after making sure that they have been seen, usually darting through doorways or melting into walls. At other times, they seem to be stuck in a time loop, following the same path around a room or building, without faltering.

Shadow People Theories

Of course there are many theories on what these beings truly are.

  • Could they be the last vestiges of a human life, still darting around a location, unable to ‘move on’?
  • Perhaps they are alien life forms, visiting our planet in a subtle appearance, so as not to cause alarm.
  • Could it be electromagnetic fields, which are known to disrupt the workings of the temperal lobe in the brain, causing temporary hallucinations?
  • Maybe they are thought forms, created by negative psychic energy or residual vibrations left by a traumatic event or situation.

Whatever they are, most of them certainly don’t mind being caught on film, with many photos and video evidence around. Perhaps they are visiting from another world or dimension and are trying to make contact with us first.

As with all things paranormal, they will remain a dark and eerie mystery until solid proof is produced.

If you have seen a shadow person, we want to hear about it. Where was it? Were you alone or with others? How did you feel when the shadow person was near? Your story can appear on our site if it is a good one, so get in touch on our contact page.

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