Paranormal Phenomena, Ghosts, and Spiritualism

Paranormal phenomena, ghosts and spiritualism. Welcome to Moonslipper!

As a paranormal investigator of ghosts and spirits, and specialist in spirit clearing, I’ve set up this site to share my personal passion, knowledge and experience of spirits and the supernatural. I’m going to show you exactly how you can keep your home full of positive energy and free of any negativity – both energetically and physically, and possibly spiritually.

Through talking with my clients, I realize that to keep a home filled with positive holistic energy, there are many more issues to cover. From space clearing to spirit clearing, holistic cleaning and feng shui, I’m here to ensure that you have an amazing home to live in.

Everything that I recommend and talk about on Moonslipper are products or ideas that I’ve used myself – with great success. I want you to feel that whatever paranormal phenomena your problem is – Moonslipper can help!

When your living environment is in harmony, you will be too. Everyday challenges are manageable, your health is better, your sleep improves, great opportunities come your way – the future is brighter!

Ghosts, Paranormal phenomena, or Spiritual Questions –
Answers Are Here for You

Small changes lead to big improvements.Here at Moonslipper we have experience in these topics and can help you improve your situation, or just explore those things that go bump in the night. Those slippery things that pass through the moonlight and leave us pondering the supernatural or paranormal.

Explore these topics with us:Moonslipper gate

  • What are Ghosts and Spirits:
    My specialty – some people don’t even know they have unwelcome ghostly guests. Have a look at my ghost checklist and see if you might have a spooky visitor!
  • Ley lines and Geopathic Stress: A very important naturally occurring phenomena that can have potentially harmful effects on you and your family.
  • Feng Shui in the Home: The ancient Chinese philosophy of placement – literally a place for everything and everything in its place! Fascinating and thousands of years old.
  • Space Clearing: Cleansing your environment both physically and psychic-ly to let the positive energy to flow throughout your home.
  • Clean up Clutter: The bane of a happy holistic home! It’s got to go! Piles of clutter and ‘stuff’ blocks positive flowing energy and in turn creates stagnation in all areas.
  • Holistic Home Cleaning: Let’s get your environment clean without harmful chemicals. Believe it or not it is possible and so good for you and our environment.
  • Monthly Book Review: I’ll keep you up to date on the best holistic and complementary books around. I’m a tough critic and only recommend the best!
  • Paranormal Blog: If you’re interested in following my paranormal and ley line work, take a look at my monthly diary.